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Group Accommodation

Group Accommodation in the Peak District

Group Accommodation in the Peak District. As you’ll know if you follow us on social media, we are a huge cycling family. Led from the top by Mr Roche, you will often see members of the family out on their bikes in the National Park.

Wheeldon Trees is the perfect location to bring groups together. Our 10 picture-perfect Derbyshire cottages can sleep 36 people in total. Most double bedrooms can be split into single beds. What’s more, after a day out on your bike exploring the Park, our cottages offer luxurious downtime for those used to enjoying the pleasure after the grind of the pedals.

Not just for roadies

It’s not just road bikes that Mr Roche enjoys. In fact, a very lovely, diverse collection of road, mountain and gravel bikes can be found in our garage at home. I still maintain it was the chance to cycle every day that attracted him to buy Wheeldon Trees back in 2021 and not the stunning cottages before us.

Conquering Jacob’s Ladder

The Peak District is famous amongst mountain bikers. Just ask our gardener Clive for his favourite routes should you stay with us. What’s more, the geography of the Peaks is perfect for mountain bikers. To the north is the Dark Peak and to the south, there is the White Peak, where the limestone is exposed.

Slipping and sliding to the best fun you can have on a mountain bike

If you fall into our ‘everything bike’ camp, you will no doubt have heard of the Peak District’s famous Jacob’s Ladder. Just to even get to it is mountains of fun.

Climbing out of Castleton on New Road (it’s anything but new), you’ll travel across the slope of Mam Tor. It was built in the 1800s to provide an easier gradient for traffic than Winnats Pass. However, New Road was built across a slope prone to landslides. Following constant repairs and rebuilding, eventually in 1979 after 160 years, Winnats Pass was adopted once again by the locals. The New Road fell down the hillside and into disuse. But not for mountain bikers!

Edale Cross sits at the top of Jacob’s Ladder. The descent is not for the faint-hearted. It may start innocently enough but you’ll soon find yourself hurtling down at amazing speeds with many wondering if they will actually go over the edge.

And relax

After an exhilarating day out, you definitely need to relax in luxury. Mr Roche may love his bikes, but he also loves great food and fine wine. Wheeldon Trees offers the best of both worlds. Free EV charging, free electric bikes (you won’t be needing these), an honesty shop and amazing views in our 12 acres of Peak District National Park. Above all else, luxurious cottages. Wheeldon Trees is packed full of amenities and is currently in the running for the Peak District and Derbyshire Tourism Awards‘ best self-catering accommodation.

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