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Free EV Charging


Say hello to charging your car while you recharge your batteries. At Wheeldon Trees our holiday cottages can all use our on-site EV charging station.

We know that if you’re an owner of an electric car or a plug-in hybrid, you will want the peace of mind that you can recharge your car easily and safely when on your break away from home.

The UK’s public charging point infrastructure is improving all the time with access points appearing at motorway service stations and supermarkets across the nation.

At Wheeldon Trees Cottages we offer free EV charging for all guests and are delighted so many take us up on the offer.

Our aim is to make your Peak District holiday as stress-free as possible. Our 7KW EV charging point can be found outside the laundry room. Simply plug in and charge at your convenience.

You can find a directory of EV charging points, including Wheeldon Trees Cottages on Zap Map.

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