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View Of Wheeldon Trees Cottages

The History of Wheeldon Trees

Thanks to research by the local history group, we’ve found out a little of the history of Wheeldon Trees Cottages…

Wheeldon Trees was a working dairy farm until the late 1980s. In the large barn, the downstairs accommodation would have been where the cows used to sleep whilst the first floor was used as a hay loft for winter feed.

‘Wheldontees’ appears for the first time in the 1607 Star Chamber records.  It is also shown on Haywards 1614 Survey of Hartington Manor as Whildon tree.  The same survey records a Whildon family in Earl Sterndale.  Edward Whildon was described as a copyholder with arable land in Old and New Field in Earl Sterndale.  There are other Whildons mentioned in the 1614 survey.

The survey plan shows a group of 3 buildings within the boundary of Whildon Trees and in the possession of Elizabeth and Richard Goodwin, apart from a small close occupied by Thomas Aire sic (presumably Eyre).

The fact that Whildon was a locative surname in 1614 implies there were residential buildings here some time before this date.

At the front of our own house (the farmhouse), look carefully and you’ll see a blocked–up doorway above which is the date ‘1682’!

Alternatively you can email stay@wheeldontreescottages.com for more details or to book.