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Priestley Cottage Access Statement

  • The front door is 189cm x 73cm, with the hinge on the right
  • The step from the path is 16cm high up to the threshold of the cottage
  • The front door opens into the open plan kitchen/living room/dining room area

Downstairs at Priestley Cottage

  • There is a light switch on the left hand side door casing for the first set of spotlights
  • A large mat is inset into the floor at the front door
  • The floor area is covered with dark grey non slip ceramic tiles
  • On the table is the ‘Welcome Pack’ which has details about the cottage
  • The fire extinguisher is at 140cm high to the right of the door
  • Ahead is the ‘L’ shaped kitchen. The work surface, sink & hob are 90cm high. Above the hob is an extractor unit Microwave, toaster, kettle & coffee machine are on the counter
  • Denby crockery, glasses and cooking equipment are provided in the cupboards above the work surfaces
  • The electric oven is under the worktop
  • The fridge freezer (fridge above) is right of the units with the highest shelf at 122cm
  • The kitchen is lit by two separate sets of spotlights
  • The lounge area has a two 2-seater settees and a footstool. There is a free standing lamp; the settees are movable
  • There is a TV, DVD & video player with remote controls and CD/radio player with Ipod docking
  • By the kitchen is the dining area. The table is 106cm wide and there are 4 dining chairs
  • The ‘L’ shaped open plan staircase leads from the lounge. The space underneath is used to store the hoover
  • The staircase has a landing at 80cm off from then lounge, four steps up. The landing section is 80cm x 78cm. There are two handrails at 80cm above the treads
  • From the landing there are 8 steps to the upstairs landing point. The handrails are 90cm above the treads. The lowest head clearance on the stairs is 190cm


  • The top landing (upstairs) is 138cm x140cm

Bedroom 1

  • Door 75cm wide x 195cm high – hinged on the right
  • Carpeted with a light brown, short pile 80% wool carpet
  • There two single 3’ beds with memory foam bed toppers.  The beds can be linked to form a king-size bed
  • All bedding is cotton percale with non feather pillows and quilt
  • The space to the left of the bed is 60cm wide
  • The space to the right of the bed is 60cm
  • The main room light has a switch at the door
  • There are two separate reading lamps available by each side of the bed
  • In the case of an emergency, the secondary means of escape is via the bedroom window

Bedroom 2

  • Door 75cm x 195cm – hinged on the right
  • Carpeted with a light brown, short pile 80% wool carpet
  • There is one single 3’ bed with the right hand side is against the wall
  • The distance to the left of the bed is 130cm
  • All bedding is cotton percale with non feather pillows and quilt
  • There is a separate reading lamp available by the side of the bed


  • Door 75cm wide by 195cm high
  • The flooring is sand-coloured non-slip tiles
  • Toilet seat height is 40cm
  • Distance to the left of the toilet 15cm
  • Distance to the right of the toilet 15cm
  • Sink height is 80cm
  • Bath height 55cm, length 130cm and 55cm wide
  • Free floor space 120 cm x 120 cm
  • Shower available over bath
  • The room has a wall mounted heated towel rail
  • A drying rack is available

Outdoor Facilities

  • There is a small patio area outside the front of Priestley Cottage with a wooden double seat