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Elliott Cottage Access Statement

Downstairs at Elliott Cottage

  • The front door is 180cm x 77cm, with the hinge on the left
  • The step from the path is 12cm high up to the threshold of the cottage
  • The front door opens into the open plan kitchen/living room/dining room area. There is a light switch on the left hand side door casing for the first set of spotlights. There is a large mat inset into the floor at the front door. The non slip ceramic tiles downstairs are dark grey
  • On the work surface by the electric oven is the ‘Welcome Pack’ which has all details about the cottage within it
  • All lighting is low energy
  • Central heating and hot water in all the cottages is provided by a ground source heat pump, which gathers heat from the earth
  • The fire extinguisher is at 125 cm high to the right of the front door
  • To the left of the door is the ‘L’ shaped kitchen. The work surface is 90 cm high and 60 cm deep. The sink and ceramic hob are also at 90 cm high. Above the hob is an extractor unit plus cupboard. Microwave oven, kettle and toaster are on the counter
  • Denby crockery, glasses and cooking equipment is provided in the cupboards above the work surfaces
  • The electric oven is under the worktop. The fridge and the freezer are under the work surface
  • The downstairs area is lit by ceiling spotlights and wall lights. The kitchen has under counter lighting and there is also a standard lamp
  • The floor area downstairs is covered with dark grey non slip ceramic tiles
  • A low padded beam crosses the room at 183cm high
  • The lounge area has two moveable leather 2-seater settees and a footstool. There is a rug and a side table
  • The TV/DVD and video players have remote controls and there is a CD/radio player
  • The oak round table is 106cm wide. There are 4 oak dining chairs
  • The ‘L’ shaped open plan staircase leads from the lounge
  • The staircase has 11 steps with the handrail at 90cm above the treads
  • At the top of the stairs is a low padded beam at 170cm

Upstairs at Elliott Cottage

Upstairs at Bedroom 1

  • Door 75cm x 195cm – hinged on the left. Carpeted with a light brown, short pile 80% wool carpet
  • There are two single adjacent 3’ beds with memory foam toppers (68cm high). The mattresses can be ‘zipped and linked’ on request
  • All bedding is 100% cotton or percale with non feather pillows and quilt
  • The space on either side of the beds is 24cm
  • The main room light has a switch at the door and a pull switch over the bed. There are two separate reading lamps available by each side of the bed

Bedroom 2

  • Door 72cm wide x 199cm high – hinged on the right. Carpet is cream, short pile 80% wool carpet
  • There are two single 3’ beds with a memory foam topper (68cm high)
  • Each bed has one side against the wall. The space between the beds is 45cm
  • All bedding is 100% cotton or percale with non feather pillows and quilt
  • There is a separate reading lamp available by the side of the bed


  • Door 75 cm wide by 195 cm high
  • Toilet seat height is 40 cm
  • Distance to the left of the toilet is 20 cm
  • Distance to the right of the toilet is 20 cm
  • Sink height is 85 cm
  • Bath height 55 cm, length 150 cm and 55 cm wide
  • Free floor space 153 cm x 122 cm
  • Shower available over bath
  • The room has a wall mounted heated towel rail
  • The flooring is sand-coloured non-slip tiles

Outdoor Facilities

  • Exiting from the back door in the lounge area, there is a small enclosed patio
  • The back door is 75 cm wide x 195 cm high
  • The step is 14 cm high
  • The patio is built of paving stones and is a slightly uneven surface. Patio furniture is available for guests to use
  • The patio exits on to a gravel path, beyond which is a walled grassy area which is steeply sloping. The path goes right around the barn in both directions